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Pottery Wheels

Unleash Your Creativity with Pottery Wheels at Kiln Crafts

Welcome to an exhilarating world of creativity at Kiln Crafts, your online home for an array of top-tier pottery equipment. From enthusiastic beginners to seasoned potters, our comprehensive range of pottery wheels caters to artists at all levels.

Dive into our Array of Pottery Wheels

Whether you're looking for a pottery wheel for sale or wanting to experience the simple joy of shaping a lump of clay, our collection is a potter's delight.

  1. Electric Pottery Wheels – Perfect for serious potters who demand precision. 
  2. Kick Wheels – The traditional choice, offering a hands-on, intimate feeling.
  3. Pottery Wheels for Adults – Comprehensive equipment suitable for all skill levels.
  4. Pottery Wheels for At-Home Projects – Compact and easy-to-use designs for home enthusiasts.
Working on a pottery wheel takes practice, patience, and a willingness to get a bit dirty. But the results are always worth the effort!

Buying Your Own Pottery Wheel: Things to Consider

Purchasing your own pottery wheel is a significant commitment, therefore here are some considerations to ensure the wheel you buy is absolutely perfect for your needs:

  • Skill Level: Ensure the pottery wheel matches your skill level. Beginners might find kick wheels complicated, so an electric pottery wheel could be a better choice. 
  • Space: Make sure you have a dedicated space for your wheel where you can comfortably throw clay.
  • Cost: Pottery wheel prices vary, so set a budget for what you are willing to spend.
  • Usage: If you are planning on throwing large amounts of clay or producing larger pieces, you may need a wheel with a larger motor. 
Choosing the right pottery wheel is a balancing act of meeting your current needs while also considering your future ambitions as a potter.

Why Choose Kiln Crafts for Pottery Wheels?

Kiln Crafts is your trusted partner in your pottery journey. We offer a range of pottery wheels for sale that unite uncompromising quality with exceptional value. With efficient after-sales service, buying a pottery wheel in the UK from us means you're never alone. 

Embark on your artistic journey today with Kiln Crafts. Mould dreams into reality, one spin at a time.

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Best Selling Pottery Wheel

Best Seller
Gladstone G34 Bailey Wheel Image

Gladstone G34 Bailey Wheel

Best Pottery Wheel for under £2000

Are you looking for a pottery wheel that is famous in British pottery for its reliability and ease of use? A wheel that is used by beginners and seasoned potters alike? The Gladstone Bailey pottery wheel is just that. Here at Kiln Crafts we believe in supplying high quality products and the Bailey Wheel is no exception as one of our best sellers.


Overall Rating





Ease of Use


Build Quality




Gladstone Bailey G34 Pottery Wheel Motor

Powered by a super smooth 1/2hp drive, the Bailey wheel delivers unmatched performance. The computer-enhanced VF drive offers precise control, generating up to the equivalent of 1Hp under heavy loads. 

Dummy Image
Dummy Image

The Bailey wheel has been thoughtfully designed to complement the European style of throwing. The wheel head is set at a greater height than most wheels of this style, allowing for a more comfortable throwing position. The wheel comes with an optional seat that connects straight to the wheel for a solid throwing base.

Gladstone Bailey G34 Skutt Professional Wheel
Made in the UK Imported from USA
£1,659 £2,999


  • 1 year manufacturer warranty, plus 1 year Kiln Crafts warranty
  • Available Spare Parts and Support
  • Competitively Priced
  • Custom Made Accessories


  • Extremely popular so can be sold out
  • Can be too tall for some pottery tastes

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