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Gladstone G34 Bailey Pottery Wheel

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Gladstone G34 Bailey Wheel

Are you looking for a pottery wheel that is famous in British pottery for its reliability and ease of use? A wheel that is used by beginners and seasoned potters alike? The Gladstone Bailey pottery wheel is just that. Here at Kiln Crafts we believe in supplying high quality products and the Bailey Wheel is no exception as one of our best sellers. 

Bailey Pottery Wheel

Gladstone Bailey Specifications

Everything you need to know about your future wheel

  • Uses a standard UK wall plug
  • 12” (305mm) aluminium wheel head
  • Dimensions: 470 x 630 x 680mm (WxLxH)
  • Weight: 40kg
  • Centring weight 25kg
  • 0.5 Hp
  • Optional integrated shelf and seat

Your Brand New Gladstone Bailey Pottery Wheel

Imagine unboxing your pristine pottery wheel, an invitation to embark on a creative adventure. As you touch its smooth surface, you'll sense the boundless potential awaiting your fingertips.

Picture the thrill of that initial encounter as you effortlessly center clay. With every spin, you'll meld with the wheel, crafting artistry with each gentle push and pull.

The wheel's gentle hum and rhythmic rotation will become your creative backdrop. Lose yourself in the art, losing track of time as your masterpiece takes shape.

With your new pottery wheel, explore, experiment, and discover your inner artist. Craft pottery uniquely yours, where imagination knows no bounds. Your masterpiece awaits!

Gladstone Bailey Seat and shelf

The Gladstone Baileys Special Features

The Bailey wheel has been thoughtfully designed to complement the European style of throwing. The wheel head is set at a greater height than most wheels of this style, allowing for a more comfortable throwing position. The wheel comes with an option seat that connects traight to the wheel for a solid throwing base.

The Bailey wheel features a large, one-piece splash tray, providing ample space for your pottery endeavours. Additionally, the Bailey wheel offers numerous options that can be added to enhance your wheel's functionality and meet your specific requirements.

Add an optional shelf to have all your most used tools and sponges at an arms reach, meaning you can concentrate on your piece without having to get up and interrupt that important creative flow.

The Gladstone Bailey G34 Motor

Powered by a super smooth 1/2hp drive, the Bailey wheel delivers unmatched performance. The computer-enhanced Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) offers precise control, generating up to the equivalent of 1Hp under heavy loads. The Benefits of this are:

  • VFD-equipped pottery wheels offer precise control over rotational speed, enhancing pottery techniques.
  • Reversible direction capability aids tasks like trimming and shaping.
  • VFDs are energy-efficient, reducing power consumption and operating costs.
  • They extend motor lifespan by starting gently and ramping up speed gradually.
  • VFDs provide quieter operation, improved safety, and customizable speed settings for potters.
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