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Nabertherm is a leading manufacturer of industrial furnaces and kilns, known for its innovation, quality, and service. Originating in Germany, it has gained a reputation for producing high-performance kilns for ceramics, metals, glass, and research sectors.

The Craft Kilns department caters to artists, craftsmen, and educators, offering technologically advanced yet user-friendly kilns. These kilns support a variety of techniques like glass fusing and ceramics firing, emphasizing versatility and professional results for all skill levels.

Sustainability and energy efficiency are key to Nabertherm's approach, with craft kilns designed to reduce energy consumption and operational costs. The kilns feature robust construction, precision temperature control, and reliability, catering to both small studios and large institutions. Nabertherm's commitment to continuous improvement and responsiveness to customer feedback ensures their kilns remain at the forefront of technology, providing unmatched quality and performance for professionals and hobbyists.