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About Us

Kiln Crafts sprung from the minds of Shannon and Matt, two individuals who noticed a unique opportunity within the UK market. They envisioned an online haven for craft equipment, paired with a rich trove of information and a welcoming community.

Shannon's love for pottery is a romantic tale that unfolds with every touch of clay. Though Matt jokes that she may have more dates with her pottery wheel than with him, the truth is, her passion for crafting is the core of Kiln Crafts. 

On the flip side, Matt is our resident equipment maestro. His engineering background fuels his fascination with the mechanics of every tool that finds its way into our collection. While Shannon shapes the clay, Matt delves into the world of gears and bearings, ensuring that every piece of equipment we offer is a blend of quality and reliability.

Together, Shannon and Matt form the cornerstone of Kiln Crafts. Their shared vision has blossomed into a space that's more than just a store—it’s a journey into the heart of crafting. They are always here, ready to share a word of advice, solve a query, or simply chat about the magic that happens when hands meet clay.

At Kiln Crafts, we're not just about selling products; we're about building a community. A place where questions are welcomed, creativity is celebrated, and where budding crafters can find both the tools and the encouragement they need to explore their artistic horizons.

With a blend of expertise, passion, and a touch of humor,

Shannon and Matt Founders, Kiln Crafts