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Gladstone G40 Bailey 1Hp VF wheel

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Introducing the G40 Bailey VF Pottery Wheel: Power, Performance, and Comfort Redefined

The G40 Bailey VF Pottery Wheel is a remarkable advancement based on the beloved G34 Bailey wheel, incorporating key design features while delivering even greater power and performance. With a larger 0.75Kw (1Hp) motor and drive system, this wheel provides the strength and capability to handle the most demanding throwing tasks. Additionally, the G40 Bailey VF wheel features a larger splash tray, further enhancing its functionality. Experience a wheel that combines power, compactness, and comfort for an unparalleled pottery experience.

✨ Unleash Your Potential: With its larger motor and drive system, the G40 Bailey VF wheel is designed to meet the needs of experienced and professional throwers. Discover a new level of power and performance as you tackle challenging projects with ease and confidence. This wheel offers superior control and precision, allowing you to explore your artistic boundaries.

⚙️ Compact Design, Enhanced Comfort: Despite its increased power, the G40 Bailey VF wheel maintains a compact and comfortable design. We understand the importance of comfort during long pottery sessions, which is why this wheel can be fitted with an optional seat and work shelf, further enhancing your ergonomic experience. Craft with ease and enjoy a comfortable posture that encourages creativity and reduces fatigue.

🌊 Expanded Splash Tray: The G40 Bailey VF wheel is equipped with a larger splash tray, providing ample space for your pottery needs. Keep your workspace clean and organized as you shape your clay, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free throwing experience. Create without limitations and embrace the freedom this spacious splash tray offers.

📐 Advanced Features: The G40 Bailey VF wheel comes with advanced features designed to enhance your pottery journey. It is fitted with a reversing switch and a remote foot pedal for speed control, providing convenience and versatility. These features empower you to experiment, adjust, and fine-tune your throwing technique with ease.

Please note that the options shown in the image, such as the seat and work shelf, are available at an additional cost, allowing you to customize your wheel according to your preferences.

Unleash your full potential with the G40 Bailey VF Pottery Wheel. Experience the power, performance, and comfort that professionals seek, and elevate your pottery to new artistic heights.