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Gladstone G27 Gladstone Special Needs Wheel

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The Gladstone Special Needs Pottery Wheel is a shining example of how functionality and inclusivity can come together to create a remarkable tool for artists of all abilities. This wheel stands out not only for its high-quality construction and reliability but also for its thoughtfully designed features that cater to individuals with unique needs. With adjustable height settings, comfortable seating accommodations, and a stable structure, it offers an accessible and enjoyable pottery experience to everyone.

Key to this wheel's design is its focus on comfort and adaptability. The height of the splash tray and wheel head can be easily adjusted using a crank handle, making it suitable for use from a wheelchair or a regular chair. The wide splayed legs of the wheel ensure optimal positioning for a comfortable throwing experience, and the option for screw-down feet adds extra stability.

Mobility and practicality are also central to the design of the Gladstone Special Needs Wheel. Equipped with four lockable castors, it can be easily moved and positioned as needed, making it a versatile addition to any pottery studio. The standard-size splash tray and wheel head provide ample space for creative work, and the possibility of additional wheel head options allows for further customization.

Product Specifications:

  • Delivery Weight: 90kg.
  • Construction: Fabricated steel with a powder-coated finish for durability and aesthetic appeal.
  • Drive Motor: 0.37Kw (0.5Hp) motor, offering a speed range of 0-280 RPM.
  • Wheel Head: Standard 12-inch size with options for customization.
  • Dimensions: 1230mm x 830mm, featuring adjustable height for comfort and convenience.

The Gladstone Special Needs Pottery Wheel is a testament to the power of inclusive design, ensuring that the joy and therapy of pottery are accessible to all. Its combination of quality, reliability, and accessibility makes it an essential tool for any pottery workspace dedicated to embracing artists from all walks of life.