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Gladstone G41 Bailey Tutorial Pottery Wheel

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Introducing the Bailey Tutorial Pottery Wheel: Enhancing Face-to-Face Teaching and Empowering Students

The Bailey Tutorial Pottery Wheel has been thoughtfully designed to facilitate face-to-face teaching, providing an interactive experience that allows instructors to guide their students with ease. With the ability to control the wheel via a remote pedal, teachers can maintain control, gradually handing over control to students as their confidence and skills develop. Experience the power, precision, and quiet operation that the Bailey Tutorial wheel offers, empowering both teachers and students in the art of pottery.

✨ Seamless Teaching Experience: Designed with teaching in mind, the Bailey Tutorial wheel enables instructors to effortlessly control the wheel via a remote pedal. This feature allows teachers to guide students, demonstrating techniques and providing real-time assistance. As students gain confidence, control can be gradually handed over, allowing them to independently explore their creativity. Enjoy a seamless teaching experience that fosters growth and skill development.

⚙️ Exceptional Performance: The Bailey Tutorial wheel is powered by a super smooth 1/2hp drive, controlled by a computer-enhanced VF drive. This innovative design enables the wheel to generate up to the peak equivalent of 1 Hp under heavy loads, ensuring constant, smooth power throughout the speed range. The wheel operates quietly, creating a serene and focused environment for teaching and learning pottery.

🌊 Spacious and Convenient Bowl: The large, one-piece plastic bowl of the Bailey Tutorial wheel provides ample room for water containers and tools. This generous space allows students to work comfortably, keeping their tools and water within reach as they shape their clay. Enjoy the convenience and organization this bowl provides, facilitating a seamless and efficient pottery experience.

📐 Specifications:

  • Delivery Weight: The weight of the Bailey Tutorial wheel ensures stability during use and ease of movement within the teaching environment.
  • Drive Motor: Powered by a super smooth 1/2hp drive, controlled by a computer-enhanced VF drive, offering precise control and constant, smooth power throughout the speed range.
  • Bowl Size: The large, one-piece plastic bowl provides ample space for water containers and tools, promoting a clean and organized workspace for students.
  • Additional Features: The Bailey Tutorial wheel incorporates features specifically designed to enhance the teaching experience, allowing instructors to guide and empower their students effectively.

Experience the Bailey Tutorial Pottery Wheel and discover a new level of interactive teaching in the art of pottery. Empower your students to unleash their creativity while maintaining control and fostering their development. With exceptional performance and a spacious bowl, this wheel is a valuable tool for instructors who seek to inspire and nurture the next generation of potters.