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Nabertherm NW/H Pottery Kiln

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Experience Peak Performance with the Nabertherm NW/H Series Pottery Kiln: Your Professional Partner for High-Temperature Firing

Nabertherm NW/H Series Pottery Kiln Overview

Elevate your ceramic art with the Nabertherm NW/H Series, a front-loading pottery kiln designed for the ambitious professional. This series stands out with its capability to reach higher temperatures quickly, making it ideal for stoneware production. The drawer mechanism and five-sided heating ensure ease of use and uniform heat distribution, perfect for artists who demand excellence and efficiency in their firing processes.

Nabertherm NW/H Pottery Kiln Full Image

Nabertherm NW/H Series Pottery Kiln Features

  • High maximum temperature (1340°C) - Allows for firing to higher temperatures, suitable for stoneware
  • Drawer bottom design - Facilitates easy and ergonomic loading and unloading
  • Wi-Fi Capability and Touch Screen Controller - Offers remote monitoring and precise control
  • Programmable for multiple firing types - Adaptable for different ceramic processes
  • Efficient power usage - Optimized for intensive production needs
Nabertherm NW/H Pottery Kiln Cart

Nabertherm NW/H Series Pottery Kiln Specs

Specs Features
Model NW150/H to NW1000
Max Temp (°C) 1340
Inner Dimensions (mm) Varies (430 to 800 width)
Outer Dimensions (mm) Varies (790 to 1460 width)
Volume (L) 150 to 1000
Power (kW) 15.0 to 75.0
Weight (Kg) 400 to 2700
Nabertherm NW/H Pottery Kiln Full Draw

Nabertherm NW/H Series Pottery Kiln Manual

The installation manual for the Nabertherm NW/H Series Pottery Kiln is currently unavailable. For setup assistance or further information, please contact customer service.

Manual Unavailable

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