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Mantech Pro Range CO2 X1 6090 Laser Cutter

by Mantech

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Introducing the Pro Range CO2 Laser Cutting Machines from Mantech - your gateway to powerful, easy-to-operate laser cutting and engraving solutions! These cutting-edge machines are designed to meet the demands of various applications, delivering outstanding performance with a user-friendly experience.

Why Choose Pro Range CO2 Laser Cutters?

✨ Easy Operation: Enjoy the simplicity of the Pro Range CO2 Laser Cutters, equipped with Lightburn CAD/CAM software as standard. Even if you're new to laser cutting, worry not! We provide full training to get you started on your creative journey.

✨ High Performance: Unleash your creativity with precision projects, thanks to the Pro Range's exceptional performance. Achieve accurate, complex, and professional designs with ease.

✨ Reliable Lasers: Trust in the proven reliability of the Lasertech range. These machines are built with tried and tested components, ensuring consistent and dependable performance across all models.

✨ Genuine RECI Laser Tubes: Benefit from the best! All our Pro Range lasers come standard with genuine internationally renowned RECI laser tubes. Plus, you can opt for higher-powered tube upgrades to suit your needs.

✨ Motorized Z Adjustment: Customize your projects effortlessly with the motorized Z gantry height adjustment. Easily process thicker items and add personalized engravings to trinkets and blanks.

✨ Honeycomb & Low Contact Blade Bed: Enjoy smooth cutting without worries! Our cutting beds feature honeycomb surfaces, ideal for preventing small intricate items from falling through.

✨ Cutting Size Options: Find your perfect fit! Choose from three cutting bed sizes - 400 x 600 mm, 600 x 900 mm, and 900 x 1300 mm, catering to various user needs.

✨ Rotary Device Included: Get creative with personalization! Each Pro Range Laser Cutter comes with rotary devices, perfect for engraving glasses, tubes, and anodized Yeti cups.

✨ Camera Support (Upgrade): Unlock new possibilities with our camera system upgrade, fully supported in Lightburn software. Perfect for tracing or precise positioning.

✨ Genuine S&A Chillers: Stay cool under pressure! All our laser cutters are equipped with genuine S&A chillers for optimal laser tube cooling.

✨ Air Assist: Enhance your cutting and engraving results! Our Pro laser systems include integrated air assist, efficiently removing debris from the work area.

✨ Extraction Options: Stay safe and clean! Our Lasertech CO2 Laser Cutters feature vent-to-atmosphere extraction systems. You can also upgrade to Purex or BOFA air filtration units.

✨ Safety First: We've got you covered! Each machine comes with a set of safety glasses for added protection during operation.

✨ Installation & Training: Get started with confidence! Our installation team provides comprehensive training to ensure you're up and running smoothly.

✨ Excellent After-Sales Support: We've got your back! Rely on our UK-based after-sales service for lifetime technical support via email and telephone.

✨ UK Warranty: Trust in quality! All Lasertech laser cutters come with an excellent 12-month parts & labor warranty (excluding consumables).

Explore the world of laser cutting and engraving with Lasertech's Pro Range CO2 Laser Cutters. Unlock your creativity, unleash your potential, and elevate your craft to new heights! Experience the magic of precision and versatility in a compact, reliable, and professional laser cutting solution. Choose Lasertech for your journey to remarkable creations!

Desktop Laser Cutter Information
Bed Sizes 900 x 600 mm (closest to A2)
Bed type Honeycomb & low contact blade surface
Motorised Z (up/down) Yes
Water chiller Genuine S&A Water Chillers
Laser tube RECI Laser Tubes – 80W Upgradable to 120W
Air assist Yes (helps to remove debris and cools material
Rotary device Supplied
Safety glasses Yes
Extraction System Yes – Standard vent to atmosphere, with upgrades to a Purex or BOFA filtration system available.
Software package Lightburn Included
Camera Support Upgrade available to our Lightburn Camera System

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