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Mantech Desktop CO2 Laser Cutter

by Mantech

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Introducing the Compact Desktop CO2 Laser Cutter and Engraving Machine from Lasertech, designed for smaller workshops and customers seeking precise processing capabilities on a 500 x 300 mm bed size. This powerful and reliable laser cutting and engraving machine is packed with features to deliver impressive, accurate designs.

Key Features:

  1. Powerful Performance: The compact system is equipped with an 80W RECI laser tube, ensuring powerful engraving and cutting capabilities for a wide range of materials.

  2. User-Friendly Controls: The machine is operated through easy DSP controls, and the supplied software allows you to import files via a USB stick and edit designs effortlessly.

  3. Lightburn Software: Included with all desktop and pro models, the Lightburn CAD/CAM software offers a user-friendly interface with valuable features such as photo engraving, QR code generation, and camera support.

  4. Motorized Z Adjustment: The motorized Z gantry height adjustment allows you to process thicker items and efficiently engrave trinkets and blanks for personalization.

  5. Honeycomb Bed: The honeycomb cutting bed prevents small intricate items from falling through during cutting.

  6. Compact Cutting Size: With a cutting zone of 500 x 300 mm (closest to A3 paper size), this desktop model delivers high performance when combined with the 80W RECI tube.

  7. Rotary Device: The machine includes a rotary device, making it easy to engrave glasses, tubes, and anodized Yeti cups for personalized designs.

  8. Camera Support (Upgrade): You have the option to upgrade to a camera system with full support in Lightburn software, perfect for tracing or positioning.

  9. Genuine S&A Chillers: The machine is supplied with a genuine S&A chiller, ensuring optimal cooling for the laser tube.

  10. Air Assist: The integrated air assist enhances cutting and engraving output by removing debris from the work area.

  11. Extraction Options: The system comes with a vent-to-atmosphere extraction system, with upgrade options for Purex and BOFA air filtration units.

  12. Safety Glasses: A set of safety glasses is provided with each machine for added protection during operation.

  13. Installation & Training: Lasertech's installation team will provide installation and safety training, ensuring you have the confidence to use the machine effectively.

  14. Excellent After-Sales Support: The UK-based after-sales service offers lifetime technical support via email and telephone.

  15. UK Warranty: All Lasertech laser cutters are backed by an excellent 12-month parts & labor warranty (excluding consumables).

The Compact Desktop CO2 Laser Cutter and Engraving Machine from Lasertech is a reliable and efficient solution for jewelry, crafts, education, and various other applications, providing precision and quality in a small package.

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