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Kilns & Furnaces Harrier Pottery kiln

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Harrier Kiln Range

Welcome to the next level of precision and performance in ceramic firing - the Harrier range. As the proud big brother to our acclaimed Hawk line, the Harrier series builds upon its success, introducing advanced features that redefine firing excellence. Crafted with expertise, this range is a testament to innovation and quality.

Key Features that Set Harrier Apart:

Enhanced Precision:

The Harrier range takes firing precision to new heights. With a choice of digital controller systems, you can achieve the utmost accuracy when firing ceramic products. 

Optimal Chamber Sizes:

Choose the firing chamber that suits you best. The Harrier range is available in two firing chamber sizes, ensuring that you have the ideal space for your creative endeavors.

Exceptional Temperature Reach:

Reach new creative heights with a maximum design temperature of 1300°C. 

Durable Design:

The Harrier range boasts a robust steel stove enamel outer casing, designed to withstand the rigors of frequent firing. Maneuverability is a breeze, thanks to the included castor wheels.

Unparalleled Elements:

Harness the power of high-grade spiral wound elements. These elements are engineered for reliability, ensuring optimal heat distribution throughout the firing process.

Safety-First Approach:

Your safety matters. The Harrier range is equipped with a fully compliant captive key electro-mechanical interlock system, guaranteeing secure operation.

Efficient Cooling: Vent cooling plugs for the lid and sidewall provide effective cooling options, allowing for smooth transitions between firing phases.

Ready for Control: An instrument socket is thoughtfully included, ready to accept all controllers in our range. Tailor your firing experience to your preferences.

Discover a New Era of Firing Excellence with Harrier

Experience the art of firing reimagined with the Harrier range. Crafted with precision, designed for versatility, and built for durability, the Harrier series empowers you to push boundaries, explore creativity, and achieve remarkable ceramic results. Elevate your firing experience - choose Harrier and unlock the potential of your ceramic masterpieces.

77 Litre

Internal size   46cm (Diameter)  x 47cm (High) 

External Size  61cm (wide) x 80cm (deep) x 75cm (High) 

Capacity  77Lts

Weight  50kg

Power  6.5KW

Single Phase:

Amps  40A

Voltage  220/230v

Three Phase:

Amps  16A

Voltage  380/400v

115 Litre

Internal size   46cm (Diameter)  x 70cm (High) 

External Size  61cm (wide) x 80cm (deep) x 97cm (High) 

Capacity  115Lts

Weight  64kg

Power  7.5KW

Single Phase:

Amps  50A

Voltage  220/230v

Three Phase:

Amps  20A

Voltage  380/400v


Maximum Temperature  1300c

Controller included  Optional Extra

Customer Reviews

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Diane Nicholson
Best service we’ve had from a company in a long time!

Easy to use website, great communication, sorted a problem we had with late kiln delivery with no fuss. Would definitely buy from Matt at Kiln Crafts again, kiln works a treat, thank you!