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Kilns & Furnaces Falcon Compact CP 120L Centre Pivot Door

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The Kilns & Furnaces Falcon Compact CP 120l: Tailored for Pottery Cafes and Emerging Enterprises

Are you considering an upgrade for your kiln? Embarking on a new venture in ceramics? Require a kiln capable of withstanding repeated firings? The Falcon Compact range places a premium on space while maintaining unwavering quality and adaptability. These kilns are conceptualized to redefine your perspective on kiln placement, meticulously crafted to precise specifications, ensuring minimal spatial impact whether in an open or closed position.

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The Kilns & Furnaces Falcon Compact 120l Capacity

From cozy Pottery Cafes to thriving established studios, the Falcon Range accommodates chamber capacities ranging from 50 to 250 litres.

The Kilns & Furnaces Falcon Compact 120l Centre Pivot Door

The center pivot door, a standout feature of our pottery kiln, offers unparalleled convenience. Operating on a pivot, it grants effortless access while conserving space. This innovative design enhances loading efficiency and allows for larger pieces. Embrace a seamless workflow and expand your creative horizons with this exceptional door configuration.

The Kilns & Furnaces Falcon Compact 120l Temperature

Elevate your firing capabilities with our Falcon Range boasting an impressive maximum design temperature of 1300°C. Unveil the potential of working with a diverse range of ceramics and craft exceptional pieces that defy expectations.

The Kilns & Furnaces Falcon Compact 120l Construction

The Falcon Range seamlessly marries efficiency with excellence. Our kilns feature a highly thermally efficient construction, ensuring optimal heat distribution and retention.

Unparalleled Heating Performance:

Experience the potency of high-grade spiral wound elements thoughtfully integrated into the sidewall and base of our kilns.

Safety and Compliance:

Safety takes precedence in our Falcon Range. Our kilns are equipped with a UK-compliant electro-mechanical door interlock system, instilling confidence during operation. Furthermore, an over-temperature kiln lining protection system adds an extra layer of security to your firing process. Complete with ventilation cooling ports and an instrument socket compatible with our range of controllers, you possess the means to create within a secure and regulated environment.

The Kilns & Furnaces Falcon Compact 120l Controls

The Falcon Range showcases a TCS2 series program system, granting you comprehensive command over the firing cycle parameters. Achieve meticulous temperature control, customize firing schedules, and explore the full spectrum of your ceramic artistry with this advanced control system.

Embrace the Falcon Range and unlock the genuine potential of your journey in pottery. Engage with exceptional craftsmanship, innovative attributes, and unmatched performance that will amplify your creative vision. Explore a realm where artistic ingenuity knows no bounds, giving rise to ceramics that etch an enduring impression.

The Kilns & Furnaces Falcon Compact 120l Size

Internal size   46cm (wide) x 46cm (deep) x 58cm (High) 

External Size  77cm (wide) x 108cm (deep) x 145cm (High) 

Capacity  122Lts

Weight  245kg

Power  8.5KW

Single Phase:

Amps  40A

Voltage  220/230v

Three Phase:

Amps  20A

Voltage  380/400v

Maximum Temperature  1300c

Controller included  Optional Extra

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