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Kilns & Furnaces Ecokiln 46

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Introducing the Kilns & Furnaces EcoKiln 46 - Your Eco-Friendly Pottery Partner

Unleash your creativity with the Kilns & Furnaces EcoKiln 46, the cutting-edge pottery kiln designed for a sustainable future. Whether you're a passionate hobbyist, an educator in a school setting, or a craft enthusiast, this energy-efficient kiln is your gateway to masterful creations.

Kilns & Furnaces EcoKiln Home Kiln

With a firing chamber width of 404mm and a height of 343mm, the EcoKiln 46 boasts an impressive capacity of 46 litres. Powered by a simple 13A plug socket, it effortlessly marries convenience with performance, making it an ideal choice for various artistic spaces.

Kilns & Furnaces EcoKiln Firing Temperature

Ignite your imagination and your creations with the EcoKiln's ability to reach a maximum firing temperature of 1320°C. This means your pottery dreams can now take shape in the exact way you envisioned.

Kilns & Furnaces EcoKiln Build Quality

Designed with meticulous attention to detail, the EcoKiln 46 features an interlocking key and a spring-secured door. These elements work in harmony to prevent damage and secure your creations during the firing process. The A1 grade elements are not just about performance – they are about longevity, ensuring your kiln remains your faithful creative companion for years to come.

Precision at its Core:

Say goodbye to inconsistent results. The EcoKiln is equipped with a triple-layer insulation system. From lightweight high-density insulation to the triple-layer floor and lid insulation, every detail is meticulously crafted to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the firing process. This translates to even and predictable results that exceed your expectations, every single time.

Kilns & Furnaces EcoKiln Efficiency

Beyond its exceptional features, the EcoKiln 46 proudly wears the badge of an eco-friendly champion. With energy efficiency at its core, you're not just creating art – you're contributing to a greener planet.

Elevate your pottery game with the Kilns & Furnaces EcoKiln 46. Embrace innovation, sustainability, and the joy of crafting something truly exceptional. Are you ready to fire up your passion?

Kilns & Furnaces EcoKiln Price

For under £3000 you can have the perfect home kiln that is ready to go from the minute it arrives. 

Optional Kiln Furniture


2 Pieces - 350mm (D) x 10mm (H)


3 Pieces - 25mm (H)


3 Pieces - 50mm (H)


3 Pieces - 75mm (H)

Don't miss out! Bring home the future of pottery kilns today. Click below to embark on your creative journey with the Kilns & Furnaces EcoKiln 46. Your masterpiece awaits.

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