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Kilncare SG2 Stained Glass Kiln

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Introducing the SG2 Kiln with Enhanced Features

The SG2 Kiln by Kilncare has long been recognized for its reliable performance and impressive capacity. Designed specifically for stained glass work, this kiln has undergone some improvements while maintaining its tried and tested formula.

🔥 Surprising Capacity: Thanks to its stainless steel rack and four shelves, each measuring 380 x 330, the SG2 Kiln offers a larger firing capacity compared to typical plug-in kilns. This means you can fire a significantly greater quantity of stained glass pieces in a single firing, saving you time and increasing your productivity.

🆕 Integration of the KCR32C Controller: The SG2 Kiln now features the KCR32C controller, bringing it in line with Kilncare's other kilns. This upgrade required a complete reworking of the kiln's internal wiring and components. By incorporating the KCR32C controller, the SG2 Kiln gains advanced programmability and precise temperature control, allowing for more intricate firing profiles and customized firing cycles.

📡 Kilncare Gateway WIFI Option: With the integration of the KCR32C controller, the SG2 Kiln now has the capability to take full advantage of the Kilncare Gateway WIFI option. This exciting feature opens up new possibilities for kiln use and monitoring. With WIFI connectivity, you can remotely monitor and control your kiln using a compatible device, providing convenience and flexibility in managing your firing processes.

🎯 Optional SG2 Stand: The SG2 Kiln can be complemented with the optional SG2 Stand, designed to raise the kiln to a comfortable working height. The stand features two shelves: one for the kiln to sit on and another for your own use. Made of sturdy steel and powder-coated in Kilncare's Ultra-marine blue, the stand is not only functional but also visually appealing.

💪 Reliability and Usability: Throughout its updates, the SG2 Kiln maintains its reputation for reliability and ease of use. Its internal stainless steel shelves and rack can be easily removed, allowing for versatile kiln chamber configurations. Whether you choose to use the kiln with or without the shelves, you can rely on its consistent performance for your stained glass projects.

Experience the enhanced capabilities of the SG2 Kiln by Kilncare. With its increased firing capacity, advanced controller, and optional stand, this kiln is an excellent choice for stained glass artists seeking reliable performance and greater productivity in their studio.