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Kilncare MAG diamond disc sets

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Introducing Kilncare MAG Diamond Disc Sets: Elevate Your Glass Grinding and Polishing Experience

Kilncare presents the MAG Diamond Disc Sets, designed to revolutionize the way you grind and polish glass. With quick-release magnetic flat lapping discs, these sets offer convenience, efficiency, and exceptional results. Each disc is color-coded for easy grade identification, ensuring a seamless and intuitive experience. (Colours differ from product image)

πŸ”Ή Comprehensive Set: The MAG Diamond Disc Sets include a carefully curated selection of high-quality discs to meet your specific grinding and polishing needs. Each set includes the following discs:

  • 1 x M120 Disc: Ideal for coarse grinding, removing material, and shaping glass surfaces.
  • 1 x M200 Disc: Perfect for medium-grade grinding and refining glass surfaces to achieve a smoother finish.
  • 1 x M400 Disc: Designed for fine polishing and achieving a high-gloss, professional-quality glass surface.

🌈 Color-Coded for Convenience: The discs in each set are color-coded, making it effortless to identify the desired grade at a glance. This streamlined system saves you time and eliminates confusion during your glass grinding and polishing process.

πŸ’Ž Superior Performance: Crafted with precision and engineered to perfection, the MAG Diamond Discs deliver outstanding performance and exceptional results. They are designed to seamlessly attach to the magnetic flat lapping system, ensuring secure and efficient operation.

πŸ’‘ Versatile Applications: The MAG Diamond Disc Sets are suitable for a wide range of glass grinding and polishing applications. Whether you are working on glass art projects, architectural glass, or any other glass surface, these sets provide the versatility and reliability you need to achieve impeccable results.

Experience the convenience, precision, and quality of Kilncare MAG Diamond Disc Sets. Choose from the following options to meet your specific requirements:

🌟 MAGDISC SET 30: Perfect for 12" (30cm) flatbed glass grinding machines, such as the Kilncare MAG30. This set is designed to deliver exceptional results with a 30cm grinding surface.

🌟 MAGDISC SET 45: Ideal for 18" (45cm) flatbed glass grinding machines, such as the Kilncare MAG45. This set ensures excellent performance and precision on a 45cm grinding surface.

🌟 MAGDISC SET 60: Tailored for 23.6" (60cm) flatbed glass grinding machines, such as the Kilncare MAG60. This set maximizes efficiency and delivers remarkable results on a 60cm grinding surface.

Elevate your glass grinding and polishing experience with Kilncare MAG Diamond Disc Sets. Invest in these sets and unleash your creativity with confidence, knowing that you have the right tools to achieve exceptional glass surfaces.