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Kilncare IKON V61X Top Load Pottery Kiln

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The Kilncare IKON V61X pottery kiln sets a new standard for economy and performance in the pottery kiln market.

With a maximum firing temperature of 1315°C (Cone 11), it is perfectly suited for firing earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain creations. This kiln package includes a stand, castors for easy mobility, the KCR32C controller for precise temperature control.

Free Kiln Furniture worth £150 with every order 

Furniture Set for the Kilncare Ikon V46 Toploading Kiln

🔥 Triple Layer Insulation: The IKON V61 kiln features lightweight insulation bricks arranged in a triple layer configuration, resulting in exceptional heat retention and lower running costs. This efficient insulation design ensures optimum firing conditions for your ceramics.

🔒 Dual Circuit Safety and Overfire Protection: Your safety is our priority. The kiln is equipped with a dual circuit safety system and overfire protection, providing peace of mind during every firing session.

🌡️ High Density Non-Ceramic Fibre and Micropore: The high-density non-ceramic fibre and Micropore construction further enhance the kiln's thermal efficiency, ensuring even heat distribution and excellent heat retention.

🔌 Double Layer Floor Insulation: With double layer floor insulation, the IKON V61 kiln minimizes heat loss through the floor, resulting in more efficient energy utilization and improved firing performance.

💡 Double Gas Sprung Lid: The kiln features a double gas sprung lid mechanism, offering light and reliable opening and closing. Enjoy smooth and effortless operation during loading and unloading.

🌬️ Lower Inlet Port and High Outlet Port: The kiln is designed with a lower inlet port positioned to avoid blockages and an upper high outlet port with a multi-positional shutter, allowing for efficient air circulation and ventilation during firing.

💪 Robust Construction: Built to last, the IKON V61 kiln features a strong thick steel skeleton-based frame that absorbs pressure and movement from lid opening and closing. The 316-grade brushed stainless steel chamber and lid wrap provide durability and a professional appearance.

🌡️ Thermocouple Type: The kiln is equipped with a reliable 115mm R type thermocouple, ensuring accurate temperature measurement during firing.

🚪 Kilncare Triple Lid Seal: Experience precise temperature control and minimal heat leakage with the Kilncare triple lid seal. This sealing system combines high-density fibre rope, insulation brick, and lid recess to ensure a secure and efficient firing environment.

⚙️ Controller: The kiln comes with the advanced KCR32C controller, featuring 32 fully adjustable programs, each with 32 segments. Enjoy overheat protection, segment forwarding, a 4-day delay start option, kiln power usage monitoring, and the flexibility to display temperatures in °C or °F. The keypad lock feature secures your settings during firing.

📏 Chamber Size: Internal dimensions: 416mm x 445mm (W x H) External dimensions: 725mm x 750mm x 890mm (W x D x H) *Width with controller: 895mm

✅ Manufacturer Guarantee: The IKON V61 kiln comes with a 36-month manufacturer guarantee on all parts, excluding the elements. This demonstrates our commitment to delivering a reliable and high-quality product.

🌍 Kilncare: As a premium pottery kiln manufacturer with over 35 years of experience, Kilncare is dedicated to providing professional-grade kilns at affordable prices. Each kiln is crafted with precision and attention to detail, ensuring exceptional performance and customer satisfaction.

For more information or to purchase the Kilncare IKON V61 pottery kiln, please contact us at 0843 707 5017.

Internal size  41.6cm (Diameter) x 44.5cm (Height)

External Size  72.5cm (wide) x 75cm (deep) x 89cm (High) 

Capacity  61Lts

Weight  105kg

Power  5KW

Amps  20.5A

Voltage  230v

Maximum Temperature  1315c

Controller included  KCR32C (KCR32C WIFI optional)

Provided with 2m lead  and requires electrician to connect to single phase supply. 

Optional kiln Furniture Set

The optional kiln furniture set comprises of (V46) 2 shelves of 368mm, 3 props of 25mm, 3 props of 50mm, 3 props of 75mm and three props of 100mm or (V61) 3 shelves of 368mm, 3 props of 25mm, 3 props of 50mm, 3 props of 75mm and three props of 100mm

Optional Wi-Fi compatibility

The optional KCR32C WIFI allows the user to access the kiln in real time from anywhere with internet access via the Kilncare GATEway on our website. The benefits of this are obvious as there is no longer the need to travel to the studio or work place to see how the firing is proceeding or if indeed the firing is going as planned.

Also in the GATEway, which is unique to each user via password access, there is a firings library where past firings can be stored and named, a notes section and a log amongst other features.