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Kilncare Eco-Fuser

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Introducing the Kilncare ECO-fuser: The Ultimate Economical Glass Kiln

The ECO-fuser represents our most cost-effective glass kiln to date, offering exceptional performance and energy efficiency. By incorporating our advanced Kilncare 2022 GX insulation system, this kiln can complete a standard full fuse using as little as 4kWh of electricity. No other kiln of this type can match the credentials of the ECO-fuser, making it an ideal choice for the modern glass artist.

The ECO-fuser is designed to fulfill two key requirements. Firstly, it provides a plug-in kiln with the same internal dimensions as our highly acclaimed Hobbyfuser model, but with the added convenience of an easy-load flat bed base. This design feature allows for effortless loading and unloading of glass projects, maximizing your productivity and creativity.

Secondly, the ECO-fuser is engineered to deliver ultra-efficiency and low-cost firing operations. By utilizing our GX insulation technology, we have achieved remarkable energy savings without compromising the performance features that our customers love about the Hobbyfuser. With the ECO-fuser, you can achieve a standard fusing cycle using as little as 4 units of electricity, significantly reducing your kiln operation costs.

Kilncare ECO-fuser Power Consumption 

The ECO-fuser is designed to provide ultra-efficient firing operations, requiring as little as 4kWh of electricity to complete a standard fusing cycle. This enables you to significantly reduce your kiln-related energy costs.

Kilncare ECO-fuser Power Plug

With its plug-in design, the ECO-fuser offers easy installation and operation. You can quickly set up and start firing your glass projects without the need for complex wiring or installation processes.

Kilncare ECO-fuser Power Size

The ECO-fuser features the same internal dimensions as our highly regarded Hobbyfuser model, allowing you to work with the same level of creativity and flexibility. The easy-load flat bed base enhances the convenience of loading and unloading your glass pieces.

 No Compromise on Performance: Despite its energy-efficient design, the ECO-fuser maintains the performance features that have made the Hobbyfuser so popular among glass artists. You can achieve outstanding results and unleash your creativity with confidence.

Kilncare ECO-fuser Power Price

The Kilncare ECO-Fuser is only £2,899, Kiln Crafts includes and optional stand for an extra £300

Invest in the ECO-fuser and experience the perfect combination of cost-effectiveness, energy efficiency, and exceptional performance. With its advanced insulation system and remarkable energy-saving capabilities, this kiln is ideal for artists who seek an economical and environmentally friendly solution for their glass fusing projects.