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Gladstone G83 Slip Pump

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Experience Versatility and Efficiency with the Gladstone Slip Pump

The Gladstone Slip Pump is a highly versatile tool designed to revolutionize slip casting for studio and hobby ceramics. With its rotary vaned design, this pump ensures a consistent and even flow, allowing you to create stunning castings with ease.

🌊 Even Flow, Agitating Action: The rotary vaned design of the pump guarantees a smooth and continuous flow of slip. This ensures consistent results and minimizes inconsistencies in your castings. Additionally, the pump has an agitating effect on the slip, keeping it in a usable condition for short periods of time. Say goodbye to settling and enjoy the convenience of having slip readily available when you need it.

⏰ Time-Saving Drainage: The Gladstone Slip Pump is not only a reliable dispenser of slip but also serves as an efficient drainage system. Utilizing a syphoning action, the pump can effectively drain moulds, saving you time and effort. Focus on your creativity without worrying about excess slip, thanks to the convenience of the Gladstone Slip Pump.

🎯 Professional Slip Gun: To complement the pump, we provide a specifically designed professional slip gun. This high-quality accessory ensures precise control over the flow and application of slip. Enjoy seamless operation and achieve detailed and accurate castings.

🔧 Complete Package: The Gladstone Slip Pump comes as a complete package to facilitate your slip casting process. It includes two meters of hose, providing ample length for flexible positioning in your studio or workspace. With all the necessary components included, you can start creating beautiful ceramic pieces right away.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of the Gladstone Slip Pump for your slip casting needs. Enjoy an even flow of slip, the agitating effect to maintain usability, and the drainage capability. Complete with a professional slip gun and hose, this package offers everything you need to elevate your ceramic creations.