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Gladstone G78 Mixer Pugmill

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Introducing the Gladstone G78 Batch Mixing Pugmill: Versatile, Efficient, and Safe

The Gladstone G78 Batch Mixing Pugmill revolutionizes the clay processing experience for studio and educational potters. This innovative machine offers incredible versatility, allowing you to reclaim scrap clay and perform various clay processing functions in one easy process.

🌀 Efficient Batch Mixing: The G78 enables you to mix moist clay from dry powder and water, providing a convenient and efficient solution for preparing clay bodies. Whether you need to blend different clay bodies or adjust the moisture content of your clay, this pugmill can handle it all. Its powerful mixing capabilities ensure thorough and consistent results with every batch.

🔄 Hands-Free Pugging: Say goodbye to manual labor and embrace hands-free operation with the G78. This pugmill eliminates the need for continuous feeding, making the process safer and more efficient. Simply load the clay into the large hopper and let the machine do the work for you. The stainless steel shaft and mixing blades ensure reliable and efficient pugging, allowing you to focus on your creative process.

⚡ Enhanced Safety Features: The safety of operators is a top priority. The G78 is equipped with a fully interlocked loading lid featuring a BSEN recognized standard, double-pole safety switch. This ensures that the paddles are inaccessible while the machine is in operation, providing peace of mind and preventing any accidental contact. Additionally, the pugmill includes a thermal overload system that cuts the motor out if the unit overheats, ensuring safe and reliable operation.

🔁 Versatile Functions: The G78 goes beyond batch mixing. With its 75mm outlet, you can easily extrude clay into various shapes, expanding your creative possibilities. Furthermore, this pugmill is equipped with a vacuum pump, allowing for the de-airing of clay bodies and ensuring a smooth and consistent texture.

🧽 Easy Cleaning: Maintenance is made effortless with the G78. Its all-cast aluminum barrels and stainless steel shaft and mixing blades are designed for easy cleaning, saving you time and effort. Enjoy a hassle-free experience as you maintain the machine in optimal condition for continuous and reliable performance.

The Gladstone G78 Batch Mixing Pugmill is a game-changer for potters seeking efficiency, versatility, and safety. Take advantage of its hands-free operation, enhanced safety features, and wide range of functions. Experience the joy of creating with clay as you reclaim scrap clay, mix clay bodies, and explore new shapes with ease and confidence.