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Gladstone G76 75mm de-airing pugmill

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Introducing the G76 De-Airing Pugmill: Enhanced Capacity and Versatility

The G76 De-Airing Pugmill is an ideal choice for small studios and educational environments, offering increased capacity and versatile specifications to meet your clay processing needs. With a 75mm outlet, this pugmill delivers efficient de-airing and enables larger extrusions for your ceramic projects.

🏢 Perfect for Small Studios and Education: Designed specifically for small studios and educational settings, the G76 De-Airing Pugmill provides a reliable clay processing solution. Its compact size and flexible specifications make it an excellent choice for those working in limited spaces or with smaller clay quantities.

💪 Durable Construction: The standard G76 features aluminium barrels and a nose cone, ensuring durability and longevity. The aluminium blades efficiently mix and de-air the clay, providing consistent results. This robust construction guarantees reliable performance, even with regular use.

⚙️ Efficient Operation: Equipped with the same reliable drive system as the G48, the G76 De-Airing Pugmill delivers efficient and precise clay processing. The design drive system, including the in-line helical drive motor and gearbox, ensures smooth and consistent operation, allowing for effective extrusion and de-airing of your clay.

🌀 Enhanced Capacity and Output: With the G76, you'll enjoy increased capacity both in terms of clay output and extrusion size. This expanded capacity allows you to handle larger volumes of clay and produce larger extrusions, providing greater flexibility and creative possibilities for your ceramic projects.

🔧 Versatile Options: The G76 can be tailored to your specific requirements with a range of specifications. It can be fitted with die plates for coil extrusion and a tile nose cone, offering versatility and expanding the range of shapes and forms you can create with your clay.

The G76 De-Airing Pugmill combines enhanced capacity, durability, and versatility to provide an efficient clay processing solution for small studios and educational settings. Experience reliable de-airing, increased output, and larger extrusions with this compact and versatile machine.