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Gladstone G72 Tile Extruding Table

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Introducing the G71 Tile Cutting Table: Enhancing Efficiency in Tile Production

The G71 Tile Cutting Table is specifically designed to complement the G70 Tile Extruder, providing an essential component in the tile production process. This table offers versatility and functionality, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow.

💪 Sturdy and Adjustable Design: The G71 Tile Cutting Table features a robust base that provides stability and support. On top of the base, a fully adjustable top is installed to accommodate the varying thickness of extrusions. This adjustable feature allows you to customize the table according to your specific tile production requirements, ensuring precise and consistent results.

🔀 Paper Roll for Clay Prevention: To prevent clay buckling during the extrusion process, the G71 Tile Cutting Table is equipped with a convenient paper roll. This roll is placed on the base of the table and serves as a protective layer for the extruded clay. By laying the extrusion on the paper roll, you can ensure that the clay remains smooth and free from distortions, resulting in high-quality tiles.

🎯 Streamlined Production Process: The G71 Tile Cutting Table streamlines the tile production process by providing a dedicated surface for cutting and handling extrusions. Its adjustable top and paper roll work in harmony with the G70 Tile Extruder, allowing for efficient and precise tile production. With this table, you can create a seamless workflow, maximizing productivity and minimizing waste.

✨ Versatile and Practical: Designed with practicality in mind, the G71 Tile Cutting Table offers versatility to accommodate different extrusion thicknesses. Its adjustable features make it suitable for a variety of tile production projects. Whether you're working on small-scale or large-scale productions, this table provides a reliable platform for precise cutting and handling of extruded clay.

The G71 Tile Cutting Table is an essential addition to your tile production setup, complementing the G70 Tile Extruder and enhancing the overall efficiency of your workflow. With its sturdy construction, adjustable design, and paper roll feature, this table ensures smooth operations and consistent results in tile production.