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Gladstone G71 Tile cutting table

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Introducing the G71 Tile Cutting System: Efficient and Precise Tile Production

The G71 Tile Cutting System is designed as a complement to the G70 Tile Extruder, offering an efficient solution for the production of extruded tiles. This cutting system is engineered to deliver precise cuts and streamline the tile production process.

📐 Cutting System Design: The G71 Tile Cutting System features a robust electrically welded box frame with a durable formica top. The table is equipped with a central rotary shaft secured by sealed roller bearings, allowing for adjustable up and down movement to accommodate different tile thicknesses. Mounted on this shaft are sixteen meticulously machined Phosphor Bronze cutting discs.

⚙️ Smooth Operation: Operating the G71 Tile Cutting System is simple and seamless. As the wareboard containing the extruded clay is pulled by the operating lever, the cutting discs, positioned underneath the central rotating shaft, make precise cuts through the clay. The cutting depth is pre-set by the operator, ensuring consistent and accurate results.

✨ Efficient Tile Production: With the G71 Tile Cutting System, you can streamline your tile production process and achieve a high level of efficiency. The precise cutting discs work in harmony with the extruded clay, allowing for clean and uniform cuts. This system saves time and effort, enabling you to produce a large number of tiles in a shorter period.

🎯 Operator-Controlled Precision: The G71 Tile Cutting System puts the operator in control. With the ability to adjust the cutting depth and the secure frame construction, you have the freedom to achieve the desired tile thickness and ensure consistent quality. This system empowers you to create tiles with precision and accuracy, meeting your specific design requirements.

The G71 Tile Cutting System is the perfect companion to the G70 Tile Extruder, providing a seamless and efficient workflow for tile production. With its sturdy construction, precise cutting discs, and operator-controlled precision, this system enhances your ability to create high-quality extruded tiles.