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Gladstone G70 Tile Extruder

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The Gladstone Tile Extruder: Versatility and Precision for Tile Production

The Gladstone Tile Extruder is a versatile machine designed to handle a wide range of extrusion tasks, including tiles, mouldings, and coils. With the addition of optional die plates, it can even accommodate the extrusion of other shapes and hollow forms. This purpose-built machine is ideal for small clay manufacturers, offering precise extrusion capabilities and the opportunity for experimentation.

🔧 Versatile Extrusion Possibilities: The Gladstone Tile Extruder is not limited to tiles alone. With the use of optional die plates, you can explore the extrusion of various shapes, mouldings, and coils. This flexibility allows you to push the boundaries of your ceramic designs and create unique pieces with ease.

💡 Optimum Performance Through Experimentation: To achieve the best results with the Gladstone Tile Extruder, experimentation is key. Factors such as moisture content, die balance, and different shapes all play a role in the extrusion process. By being open to experimentation and understanding the variables at play in working with clay, you can unlock the full potential of this versatile machine.

🔩 Purpose-Built Design: The Gladstone Tile Extruder is purposefully designed based on our standard de-air pugmill, incorporating the same principles of design. It features a larger, higher torque motor gearbox unit to handle the demands of extruding tiles. The completely new nose cone outlet allows for the extrusion of tiles up to approximately 280mm in width and 25mm in thickness. Smaller and thinner tiles can also be extruded using accessory die plates fitted to the front of the nose cone.

🎯 Fine-Tuning for Precision: Gladstone understands that extrusion is both an art and a science. To provide operators with maximum control and precision, the Gladstone Tile Extruder can be finely tuned using variable blades and a range of additional options. This level of customization sets it apart as the only extruder manufactured with such fine-tuning capabilities.

The Gladstone Tile Extruder empowers small clay manufacturers to produce high-quality tiles and explore various extrusion possibilities. With its versatility, precision, and ability to be finely tuned, it opens up a world of creative potential for ceramic artists.