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Gladstone G54 100mm de-airing Pugmill

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Introducing the G54 Heavy-Duty Pugmill: Unmatched Clay Processing Capacity and Robust Construction

The G54 Heavy-Duty Pugmill stands as our largest outlet machine, boasting a 100mm outlet and an impressive clay production capability of up to 500 kilograms per hour. This robustly constructed pugmill is designed to handle heavy workloads and deliver exceptional performance.

🏭 Unparalleled Clay Production Capacity: With its large outlet size and powerful motor, the G54 is engineered to handle substantial clay quantities. Whether you're working on large-scale projects or require high-volume clay processing, the G54 rises to the occasion, delivering impressive productivity and efficiency.

💪 Robust Construction: Built to withstand demanding clay processing tasks, the G54 features heavy-section cast alloy barrels with anti-barrelling strips. This robust construction ensures stability and durability even during rigorous use. Count on the G54 to provide reliable performance and longevity, meeting the needs of busy studios and workshops.

⚙️ Flexible Configuration for Optimal Performance: The G54 auger consists of individual alloy blades mounted on a hexagonal shaft. This unique configuration allows you to customize the blade arrangement to suit your desired performance. Whether you need enhanced mixing capabilities or specific extrusion requirements, the G54 can be adjusted to meet your needs.

🔧 Complete Switch Gear and Safety Features: To ensure a safe and convenient operation, the G54 is supplied with all the necessary switch gear and an interlocked hopper safety switch. These features enhance user safety and provide peace of mind during clay processing, allowing you to focus on your craft without worry.

The G54 Heavy-Duty Pugmill combines exceptional clay processing capacity, robust construction, and convenient safety features. Experience unmatched productivity and performance in your studio or workshop with this reliable and powerful pugmill.