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Gladstone G84 Blunger

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Introducing the Gladstone Blunger: Your Solution for Efficient Clay Mixing

Blunging, the process of transforming powdered or plastic clay into slip for casting or decoration, is made easy with the Gladstone Blunger. Specifically designed for this purpose, this innovative machine streamlines the clay mixing process, ensuring smooth and consistent results every time.

✨ Powerful Mixing Action: Equipped with two stainless steel paddles, the Gladstone Blunger creates a dynamic mixing action. These paddles rotate at approximately 150 rpm on a sturdy stainless steel drive shaft, driven by a motor through a reduction gearbox. This optimal speed and efficient mixing mechanism guarantee thorough blending of clay and water, resulting in a high-quality slip.

🚀 Contamination-Free Design: To maintain the integrity of your clay mixture, the Gladstone Blunger features a hexagonal container made from non-corrosive material. This prevents contamination and ensures the purity of your slip. The extended loading chute provides convenient and safe clay loading, minimizing contact with the paddles for added safety and ease of use.

💧 Effortless Slip Collection: The slip is efficiently drained off through a valve located at the base of the container. This simple and effective run-off system allows for easy collection and transfer of the slip, saving you time and effort.

⚙️ Durable Construction: The Gladstone Blunger is built to withstand continuous use. With a robust design, including a non-corrosive container and stainless steel components, it offers longevity and reliability. This ensures that your Blunger will serve you well for years to come.

Optional Extra: Stand For added convenience, a stand can be supplied as an optional extra, providing stability and ease of use during the blunging process.

Experience the efficiency and reliability of the Gladstone Blunger as it simplifies your clay mixing tasks. Whether you're casting or decorating, this purpose-designed machine guarantees consistent and top-notch results. Embrace the benefits of streamlined blunging with the Gladstone Blunger.