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Gladstone G603 Clayroller 4' XL

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Introducing the Gladstone Clayroller 603: Efficient Clay Slab Production with Increased Capacity

The Gladstone Clayroller 603 is specially designed to provide an efficient and reliable method of producing wider slabs of clay for hand building or tile production. Building upon our extensive experience in slabroller production, we have developed the 603 model to offer an increased capacity, allowing you to create broader slabs for your artistic projects.

🏭 Advanced Drive System: Incorporating Gladstone's rack and pinion drive system, the Clayroller 603 eliminates the need for troublesome wire-driven systems. This advanced drive system ensures a smooth and consistent operation, reducing maintenance requirements and maximizing your productivity. Enjoy a hassle-free clay slab production process with peace of mind.

⚙️ Infinitely Variable Thickness: Achieve precise and consistent clay thickness with the Clayroller 603's threaded adjuster. This simple yet effective mechanism allows for fine and accurate adjustments of the main roller, ensuring an equal distance above the table across its entire length. Enjoy full control over the thickness of your slabs, allowing you to bring your creative visions to life.

🌀 Rust-Proof Roller: To maintain the integrity and purity of your clay, the Clayroller 603 features a large single roller made from a rust-proof material. This ensures durability and longevity while preventing corrosion or contamination of the clay. Produce high-quality slabs with confidence, knowing that your materials remain pristine.

📦 Portability and Convenience: We understand the importance of portability in your creative process. The Clayroller 603 is designed with fully collapsible legs, allowing for easy transportation and storage. Whether you work in your studio or participate in workshops and exhibitions, this slabroller can accompany you on your artistic journey. It comes complete with a set of high-quality rolling cloths, and additional cloths are available for purchase.

Invest in the Gladstone Clayroller 603 and experience efficient clay slab production with increased capacity. With our commitment to excellence in design and functionality, you can focus on your artistic expression while enjoying the benefits of this reliable tool.