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Gladstone G56 Interlock switch for Pugmills

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Enhance Safety and Ease of Use with the Gladstone Pugmill Safety Interlock Switch

At Gladstone, we prioritize safety without compromising on the usability of our pugmills. That's why we offer the option to fit our pugmills with a sophisticated safety interlock switch, providing an innovative solution that eliminates the need for a mechanical guard. With this switch, our pugmills become incredibly user-friendly while still meeting the required safety standards.

🔒 Advanced Safety Features: The safety interlock switch installed in Gladstone pugmills is designed with advanced features to ensure maximum safety during operation. It is built with back-up contacts, providing an extra layer of protection and reliability. These switches are specifically designed to meet the standards defined by BSEN for guarding systems, assuring you of their compliance with safety regulations.

⚙️ User-Friendly Operation: With the safety interlock switch, using our pugmills becomes a breeze. You can operate the pugmill with ease, without the need for a separate mechanical guard. This streamlined design simplifies the process and allows for effortless clay processing while maintaining a high level of safety. We strive to make your pottery experience as smooth and efficient as possible.

🔧 Purchase Requirements: To ensure the safety and functionality of our pugmills, the safety interlock switch must be purchased at the same time as the pugmill itself. This ensures that your pugmill is equipped with the necessary safety features from the start, providing you with peace of mind and a seamless pottery experience.

Choose the Gladstone Pugmill Safety Interlock Switch and elevate your pottery workflow to new levels of safety and usability. With this advanced switch, you can confidently operate your pugmill while meeting the required safety standards. Trust in Gladstone's commitment to safety and innovation.