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Gladstone G53 Vertical Pugmill

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Introducing the Gladstone G53 and G55 Vertical Pugmills: Superior Performance in a Compact Design

Gladstone Engineering is proud to present the G53 and G55 Vertical Pugmills, which offer a unique design and outstanding performance. Unlike conventional horizontal pugmills, these vertical pugmills are mounted vertically, providing the advantage of a small footprint while delivering superior clay processing capabilities.

📐 Compact Design, Superior Performance: The vertical mounting of the G53 and G55 pugmills allows them to occupy less space, making them ideal for studios or environments with limited room. Despite their compact size, these pugmills offer exceptional performance that surpasses conventional horizontal machines. Experience the power and efficiency of vertical clay processing.

🔩 Heavy-Duty Construction: Manufactured from heavy-section cast aluminium castings, the G53 and G55 pugmills are built to last. The individually mounted auger blades can be adjusted to change the configuration, enabling customization to suit different clay types and extrusion applications. The auger is mounted through two taper thrust bearings and is driven by a flexible coupling connected to an inline helical geared motor.

⚙️ Versatility in Clay Processing: The adjustable auger blades and superior design of the G53 and G55 pugmills allow for efficient clay recycling and handling of larger quantities. Whether you're working with different clay types or require increased clay processing capacity, these vertical pugmills are well-suited for frequent recycling and extrusion applications.

🧹 Easy Maintenance and Cleaning: Maintenance and cleaning are made easy with the split body design. The G53 and G55 pugmills facilitate convenient access, ensuring efficient cleaning and maintenance routines. Spend less time on maintenance and more time on your pottery creations.

📐 Specifications:

  • Delivery Weight: Weighing 123kg, the G53 and G55 pugmills provide stability and durability during operation, ensuring reliable and long-lasting performance.
  • Drive Motor: Powered by a 0.75Kw (1 Hp) reduction drive gearbox direct drive compatible with 230/400v power supply, offering efficient and powerful performance for clay processing.
  • Output: The G53 and G55 pugmills have an approximate output of approximately 360 kg per hour, enabling high-volume clay processing to meet your pottery demands.
  • Dimensions: Measuring 711mm long, 609mm wide, and 1980mm high, the vertical design of these pugmills allows for efficient space utilization in studios or workshops.
  • Construction: Crafted with a cast aluminium 150mm barrel and 75mm extrusion, the G53 and G55 pugmills ensure durability and longevity. The split body design facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Finish: The pugmills feature a durable two-stage coated finish, providing resistance to wear and maintaining their aesthetic appeal over time.

Experience the exceptional performance and compact design of the Gladstone G53 and G55 Vertical Pugmills. Enjoy the benefits of vertical clay processing, combined with the durability and versatility that Gladstone Engineering is known for. Trust in our commitment to quality and innovation.