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Gladstone G52P power feed pugmill

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Introducing the G52P Power-Feed Pugmill: Enhanced Convenience and User-Friendly Design

Gladstone is proud to introduce the G52P Power-Feed Pugmill, an exciting addition to our range of machinery. Based on the popular G52 range, the G52P offers the added benefit of a powered feed system, revolutionizing the pugging process. With its user-friendly design and advanced features, this pugmill takes convenience to the next level.

🔌 Powered Feed System: The G52P eliminates the need for a feed handle and plunger, thanks to its innovative powered feed system. The power feed mechanism consists of two alloy feed rollers driven via a reduction drive, ensuring smooth and efficient clay feeding. This automation streamlines the pugging process, making it extremely user-friendly.

🚧 Enhanced Safety Measures: Safety is paramount in the G52P. During loading, the drive is isolated from the pugmill through an electronically interlocked loading lid. This feature prevents any contact with the feed rollers while the pugmill is in use, ensuring operator safety. Focus on your pottery work with confidence, knowing that safety measures are in place.

🧹 Easy to Clean and Maintain: Gladstone pugmills are known for their ease of cleaning and maintenance, and the G52P is no exception. The split body design allows for easy access, facilitating efficient cleaning. Keeping your pugmill in top condition is hassle-free, allowing you to focus on your pottery creations.

⚙️ Versatile Options: The G52P can be supplied with a range of optional features to enhance its functionality. Consider adding die plates for coil extrusions, expanding the versatility of your pugmill. Tailor the machine to your specific needs and explore new possibilities in your pottery work.

📐 Specifications:

  • Delivery Weight: Weighing 71kg, the G52P provides stability and durability during operation, ensuring reliable performance.
  • Drive Motor: Powered by a 0.75Kw (1 Hp) reduction drive gearbox direct drive compatible with 230/400v power supply, offering efficient and powerful performance.
  • Output: The G52P has an approximate output of approximately 360 kg per hour, allowing for high-volume clay processing to meet your pottery demands.
  • Dimensions: Measuring 1300mm long, 310mm wide, and 510mm high, the G52P offers a compact design suitable for studio or professional settings.
  • Construction: Crafted with a cast aluminium 150mm barrel and 75mm extrusion, the G52P ensures durability and longevity. The split body design facilitates easy cleaning, adding convenience to your maintenance routine.
  • Finish: The pugmill features a durable powder-coated finish, ensuring resistance to wear and maintaining its aesthetic appeal over time.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of the G52P Power-Feed Pugmill. Simplify your pugging process with its powered feed system, enhanced safety measures, and easy maintenance. Trust in Gladstone's commitment to quality and innovation.