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Gladstone G155 Modelling Bench

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The GLADSTONE Modelling Bench is a masterstroke of design and functionality, tailored for the art of mould making and turning. Crafted for professionals and educational institutions, it's a cornerstone in the creation of precise and intricate moulds, whether in plaster or clay. Its steel fabricated frame offers unyielding stability and durability, ensuring every turn is made with confidence and precision. At its heart is a 0.37Kw motor paired with an AC variable drive system, providing a wide speed range of 0-125rpm. This versatility in speed enables unmatched control and torque, essential for both plaster and clay work.

Whether in a professional studio or a bustling classroom, the GLADSTONE Modelling Bench stands as a beacon of reliability. Its versatility shines through in every task, from delicate shaping to robust turning, offering the precision and control necessary for creating exceptional moulds. The bench's adjustable speed further enhances your ability to execute intricate designs or larger moulds with exacting detail.

Product Specifications:

  • Frame Construction: Steel fabricated, ensuring strength and stability.
  • Motor Power: 0.37Kw motor, robust enough for various turning tasks.
  • Speed Range: Variable, from 0 to 125rpm, allowing for precise speed control.
  • Versatility: Ideal for both plaster and clay, suitable for professional and educational settings.
  • Drive System: Sophisticated AC variable drive for optimal torque and control.
  • Design Focus: Engineered for precision in mould making and turning projects.

With the GLADSTONE Modelling Bench in your studio or classroom, you're not just equipped with a tool; you're empowered with a partner in precision and creativity. Elevate your mould making to new heights and bring your intricate designs to life with unmatched accuracy and efficiency.