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Kilns & Furnaces CU4 Home Pottery Kiln

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Unlock Your Creative Potential with the CU Range: Unprecedented Control at Your Fingertips

Join the ranks of esteemed potters and jewelers who have experienced the pinnacle of control with the CU Range, one of the most widely used bench-mounted kilns in the industry. This remarkable range offers you an unprecedented level of mastery over your craft, allowing you to shape your artistic vision with precision and finesse. Discover the perfect kiln for your needs, whether you're a jewelry artist or a ceramic enthusiast.

Ignite Your Creativity:

The CU Range has earned its enviable reputation by placing the power of control firmly in your hands. Unleash your creativity and take your artistry to new heights with a level of precision that sets you apart. Experience the joy of shaping molten materials with unmatched finesse and artistic expression.

Ideal for Small Ceramic Pieces:

If you're passionate about small ceramic pieces, the slightly larger CU4 is tailor-made for you. From delicate figurines to intricate pottery, this kiln is designed to handle the intricacies of your craft. Discover the joy of firing small ceramic pieces with confidence and achieve exceptional results every time.

🚪 Front-Loading Convenience: Ease of use is at the heart of the CU Range. Both the CU2 and CU4 kilns feature a front-loading design, providing effortless access to your creations. Say goodbye to complicated maneuvering and embrace the simplicity of loading and unloading your kiln with ease.

🧱 Optimal Insulation, Maximum Efficiency: We understand the importance of maintaining optimal firing conditions. That's why every CU kiln is fitted with low thermal mass insulation brick lining. This ensures excellent heat retention and distribution, resulting in efficient firing cycles and exceptional outcomes for your artistic endeavors.

🌬️ Enhanced Ventilation Control: Ventilation is key to achieving the perfect firing environment. The CU Range includes a top ventilation port and plug, allowing you to control the airflow and temperature precisely. Experience the freedom to tailor your firing conditions to suit your specific artistic requirements.

💡 Power and Reliability: With a power rating of 3 kW operating at 230V, 1 phase, the CU Range offers both power and reliability. Our kilns are equipped with spiral wound elements fitted to the chamber sidewalls, ensuring rapid and consistent heating throughout. Create with confidence, knowing that your kiln will deliver the performance you need.

🔒 Safety and Peace of Mind: The CU Range prioritizes your safety. Each kiln is equipped with an electro-mechanical door safety interlock, providing peace of mind during operation. Additionally, the kilns come fitted with a main cable and plug (plug UK only), making setup and maintenance hassle-free.

🏆 Craftsmanship and Quality: Crafted with precision and built to last, the CU Range includes a refractory base batt supplied with every kiln. We believe in providing you with the tools and materials needed to unleash your creativity and achieve stunning results in your artistic journey.

Take control of your artistic destiny with the CU Range. Experience the unparalleled level of control and precision that will elevate your craft to extraordinary heights. Unleash your creativity and leave a lasting impression with each masterpiece you create.

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Internal size   20cm (wide) x 22.8cm (deep) x 25cm (High) 

External Size  41cm (wide) x 60cm (deep) x 65cm (High) 

Capacity  11Lts

Weight  48kg

Power  3KW

Amps  13A

Voltage  230v

Maximum Temperature  1300c

Controller included  ST215C digital control system

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