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Kilns & Furnaces CU2 Home Pottery Kiln

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Introducing the CU2 Home Pottery Kiln : Unleash Your Creative Mastery with Unprecedented Control

Attention potters, jewelers, and artistic souls seeking the pinnacle of control in their craft! Step into a world where precision and mastery intertwine with our coveted CU Range. Recognized as one of the industry's most sought-after bench-mounted kilns, it offers an unprecedented level of control, empowering you to unleash your creativity like never before. Get ready to elevate your artistry to extraordinary heights.

💎 Unlock Your Potential: The CU Range stands as the ultimate companion for potters and jewelers, bestowing you with a level of control that surpasses all expectations. It's time to take command of your artistic journey and witness your vision come to life with unrivaled precision.

🔥 Customized for Your Craft: Choose between our smaller yet mighty CU2 unit, perfect for jewelry and enamel work, or the slightly larger CU4, tailored for those working with small ceramic pieces. Each kiln is meticulously designed to cater to the specific needs of your craft, ensuring optimal performance and remarkable results.

⚖️ Front-Loading Ease: Ease of use is at the forefront of the CU Range. Both the CU2 and CU4 kilns feature a convenient front-loading design, allowing effortless access to your creations. Seamlessly transition from creation to firing and experience a level of convenience that enhances your artistic process.

🧱 Uncompromising Insulation: Experience the unparalleled insulation of our kilns. The CU Range is fitted, as standard, with low thermal mass insulation brick lining, ensuring optimal heat retention and distribution. With our kilns by your side, every firing becomes an exquisite masterpiece in the making.

🌬️ Ventilation Made Simple: Breathe life into your art with ease. The CU Range is equipped with a top ventilation port and plug, allowing for efficient airflow and temperature control. Embrace a firing environment that supports your creative vision and enhances your artistic expressions.

💡 Power and Control: Harness the power of 3 kW operating at 230V, 1 phase. The CU Range comes fitted with a main cable and plug (plug UK only), ensuring seamless integration into your creative space. Take full command of your kiln with the ST215C digital control system, granting you precise control over every aspect of the firing process.

🔥 Embrace the Heat: Reach for new heights with a maximum operating temperature of 900°C. The CU Range is equipped with high-grade spiral wound elements, ensuring rapid and consistent heating. Explore the realms of your craft and unleash the full potential of your materials with each firing.

✨ The Perfect Foundation: For the CU2, we offer a heating element positioned beneath the base refractory batt. This design is ideal for processes requiring bottom heat, such as enamel work and jewelry. With the CU Range, you have the foundation to nurture and develop your artistic visions with finesse.

Step into the realm of unparalleled control and create masterpieces that leave an indelible mark on the artistic world. The CU Range offers the tools you need to refine your craft, surpass boundaries, and unveil the true depths of your creativity.


Internal size   30cm (wide) x 30cm (deep) x 10cm (High) 

External Size  45cm (wide) x 48cm (deep) x 30cm (High) 

Capacity  8.2Lts

Weight  30kg

Power  3KW

Amps  20.5A

Voltage  230v

Maximum Temperature  900c

Controller included  ST215C digital control system

Provided with 2m lead  and requires electrician to connect to single phase supply.