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Kilncare KC55/60 200L Kiln

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Elevate your studio with the Kilncare KC55/60 200L Kiln

Ignite your pottery passion on a grand scale with our expansive 200L Front-Loading Kiln! Tailor-made for ambitious home studios and larger pieces, this kiln is a masterpiece of versatility. Its capacious interior offers boundless creative potential, while the front-loading design ensures ease of use. Witness your artistry unfold with every firing. Whether it's sizable sculptures or a multitude of pieces, this kiln handles it all. Craft your ceramics with confidence, scale up your projects, and bring your visions to life. Elevate your artistry to new heights with the spacious 90L kiln - the perfect companion for your journey of pottery exploration. Unleash your creativity today!

  1. Kanthal A1 Elements: The KC55 range, like most Kilncare kilns, employs Kanthal A1 elements, renowned for their unmatched quality. Expect unbeatable reliability and durability.

  2. Safety at Its Core: Every KC55 features a door safety cutoff switch and a contactor door cutoff circuit, doubling as overfire protection. Plus, an additional control contactor ensures utmost kiln safety.

  3. Lockable Door Vent Hole: The door vent hole boasts a lockable swing plate, keeping bungs secure during high-temperature operations. A favorite in educational settings.

  4. Enhanced Heat Retention: A highly reliable three-section seal significantly improves heat retention, enhancing efficiency.

  5. Robust Front Face: The kiln's front face is constructed from durable "Hard" insulation bricks, minimizing damage from loading impacts.

  6. Automatic Seal Door Clamps: Door sealing is automatically adjusted with variable door clamps, ensuring a tight seal every time.

  7. Roof Vent Options: Operate the roof vent manually with a stainless steel damper box, or opt for automatic dampers available on all KC55 kilns. Ideal for long firings, the controller handles vent opening and closing, reducing the need for constant monitoring.

Kilncare KC55/28 139L Kiln Size

Internal size 46cm (wide) x 58cm (deep) x 75cm (High)

External Size  78cm (wide) x 100cm (deep) x 170cm (High) 

Capacity 200Lts

Weight  450kg

Single Phase:

Power 10KW

Amps  42A

Voltage  230v

Three Phase:

Power 12KW

Amps  50A

Voltage  400v

Maximum Temperature  1315c

Controller included KCR32C (KCR32C WIFI optional)

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