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Gladstone G64 Wall Extruder

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Introducing the G64 Wall Extruder: A Robust and Compact Tool for Your Studio or Classroom

The G64 Wall Extruder is an indispensable and highly useful tool designed to provide trouble-free extrusion with minimal maintenance. Its robust construction and compact design make it a reliable and efficient addition to your pottery studio or classroom.

🛠️ Robust Construction: Built with a main aluminium body, the G64 Wall Extruder ensures durability and longevity. The sturdy construction guarantees reliable performance, allowing you to confidently extrude clay for your projects.

🔧 Easy Operation: The extruder features a series of hooks within the main body, providing a secure placement for the handle that operates the plunger. This design ensures smooth and effortless operation, making the extrusion process a breeze. With the G64 Wall Extruder, you can focus on your creative work without struggling with complex machinery.

💪 Versatile Barrel and Die Holder: The barrel of the G64 Wall Extruder is made of 3" diameter alloy tubing, offering strength and stability during extrusion. Attached to the barrel is a die holder that facilitates easy die changing with quick-release clips. This allows you to switch between different die shapes and sizes effortlessly, expanding your creative possibilities.

🧱 Easy Mounting: The G64 Wall Extruder comes complete with all the necessary fixtures to mount it securely to a suitable wall in your studio or classroom. With the extruder securely mounted, you can enjoy stability and ease of use, ensuring accurate and consistent extrusion results.

✨ Inclusive Package: The G64 Wall Extruder package includes a blank die plate, providing you with the flexibility to create your own custom die designs. Explore endless possibilities in shaping and extruding clay to bring your creative visions to life.

The G64 Wall Extruder is a reliable and efficient tool that simplifies the extrusion process in your studio or classroom. Its robust construction, easy operation, versatile barrel and die holder, and convenient mounting options make it an essential addition to your pottery tools.