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Gladstone G64 Wall Extruder with set of Dies

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Introducing the G64 Set: Complete Extrusion Solution for Your Pottery Studio

The G64 Set combines the popular G64 Wall Extruder with essential accessories, offering a comprehensive and cost-effective extrusion solution. With the inclusion of one blank die and a set of five shaped dies, this set provides exceptional value compared to purchasing the items separately.

🔩 Versatile Extrusion Capability: The G64 Wall Extruder included in the set boasts the same robust construction and compact design as the standalone version. It provides trouble-free extrusion with minimal maintenance, making it an indispensable tool for your pottery studio. The extruder's main aluminium body and secure handle placement ensure reliable performance and effortless operation.

🔮 Wide Range of Die Options: With the G64 Set, you'll receive a set of five shaped dies, expanding your creative possibilities. These dies are carefully designed to create various extrusion shapes and patterns, allowing you to add unique textures and dimensions to your ceramic works. From intricate details to bold designs, the shaped dies offer versatility and inspiration for your artistic expression.

💡 Customization with Blank Die: The set also includes a blank die, enabling you to create your own custom die designs. This blank die empowers you to explore and experiment with personalized extrusion shapes and patterns, adding a touch of individuality to your ceramic pieces. Let your imagination run wild and bring your unique visions to life.

⭐️ Expandable Die Collection: To further enhance your extrusion capabilities, additional dies are available for purchase separately. This includes dies specifically designed for hollow extrusion, opening up new possibilities for creating tubes, cylinders, and other hollow forms. Expand your die collection over time and continuously push the boundaries of your pottery creations.

The G64 Set is a comprehensive extrusion solution that combines the reliable G64 Wall Extruder with essential accessories. With the inclusion of shaped dies, a blank die for customization, and the option to expand your die collection, this set empowers you to unleash your creativity and achieve remarkable extrusion results in your pottery practice.